Monday, May 24, 2010

Catchin Up

Wow it's been forever since I've been here. So much has happened I really don't know where to begin. For starters the job i hated I'm no longer in. I left that job with no regrets but i am still very sad about leaving the company. I'm not crazy about my new job cuz that's just it, a job. I feel like i left a career for a job. It's mindless and thoughtless and many times quite boring but the best part is when i leave work...i LEAVE work! Nothing comes home with me and that is awesome. So with leaving my job i also gave up my totally free car....sob. With Laura's help i got a hot new (ish) car, 2009 Chrysler sebring with only 9000 miles! SCORE! My kids loved it when they saw it and Mike has already claimed it for when he starts to drive in 2 years.....YIKES did i just say 2 years??? OMG I'm so not ready for that. What crazy aunt is still with me and luckily, to my knowledge all of my "things" have been left alone. I know she means well and my kids love having her around but OMG my entire house stinks like Bengay...gag! When you walk into my house it smells like an old lady!!! Laura and I took our first trip down the shore, yep that was the weekend i crashed my hot new (ish) car! I'm fine, my car not so much. Ugh! I should be getting it back this week i can't wait, the rental place has me driving a PT Cruiser!! Shoot me now, even my kids wear hats and sunglasses when the have to get into that thing! Well that unfortunate mishap didn't stop us. Laura and I we went on to have a wonderful weekend. I think we really needed that time alone, just the 2 of least i know i needed it. I've discovered that as much as i loved the beach before, nothing can compare to how much i loved sharing it with her. I can't wait to go back. Weekends always seem to fly by so quickly. I'm tired of wishing my life away i want to enjoy every second i have with her and i do. Such a good and peaceful feeling i love it. Something i don't know if I've ever felt before. I always seemed to have something that never felt "just right" before and now EVERYTHING feels just right. Some people search a lifetime to find that one person that can be everything to you and everything for you and many times that person never comes, I'm very fortunate and very grateful that i finally found her.
Speaking of my kids, it finally happened. They know about us and I'm so relieved. I had a conversation with Mike on mother's day! He was really great and has been great ever since. Matty and Marky i was a little nervous about. Marky came right out and asked me and i took that opportunity and told him. He was awesome! Hard to believe he's only 10, he shocked me when he said "I want you to be happy mom, I mean if i told you i was gay you wouldn't love me any less right?" So 2 down 1 to go...Matty didn't take it so well he's havin a little bit of a hard time with it but not horrible. He's a good kid and he's got a lot going on in that mind of his and I have to help him sort things out.
All in all it's been very crazy and i can tell you there's so much i left out but that's all i got right now.